Who Qualifies as Head of Household?

Many people wish to file as head of household; filing as such typically results in a lower tax compared to filing singly or filing separately even though married. Not all taxpayers can file as head of household, of course. There are requirements to be satisfied. People seeking tax form assistance usually wonder what these requirements are and try to see if they can somehow become qualified as the head of their household.
If you are single or unmarried, you can file as head of household if you pay more than half of the cost needed to maintain a home, had a qualifying child or relative that lived with you in said home for more than half of the year, except when the qualifying relative is your parent, in which case he or she does not have to have lived with you for any period at all. If you are married, you can only file as head of household if you can somehow be considered unmarried, such as when all of the following circumstances prove true: that you and your spouse file separately; that you pay over fifty percent of the expenses needed to maintain your household; that your spouse did not – for at least the past six months of the year – live in the home; that your household is the principal home of a qualifying child or person; and that you have the option to claim an exemption for that qualifying child or person. If you meet these requirements, you can file as head of household and enjoy a lower tax.

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  1. Ronald Broussard Says:

    I am legally separated, and filed for a divorce, we haven’t lived together in over a year, can we both claim head of household if we live in two seperate houses, she has her house and i have mine, and i claim both kids

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