Information about Form 1041 in detail

1040 Federal Income Tax Form:

Why should you file a 1040 Federal Income Tax Form? Here are some reasons:

  • Additional child tax credit
  • Earned income credit
  • First time home purchase credit
  • Health coverage tax credit
  • Recovery rebate credit

There are some exceptions for the children under the age of 19 and also for full time students. Under these types of situations, the parent or parents can include the dependent child’s income onto their tax return. You will want tax Form 8814 if you choose this option.

Resident Alien, Non-Resident Alien or Dual-Status Alien

Things can be different if you are a resident alien, non-resident alien or dual-status alien. In most of the cases non-resident aliens and dual-status aliens are required to use different forms. You may need to use the 1040NR or the 1040NR EZ tax form in such cases. For more detailed information on that you may take a look at Publication 519. This tax publication will help you to understand the necessities you to comply with the United States tax laws.

1040 Federal Income Tax Form Due Date is April 15th

If you haven’t filed your tax till April 15th, you can file for an extension using tax Form 4868. You must file this tax form by the original due date. Do not get filing your tax form and paying any taxes owed baffled in your mind. They are two very separate issues. If you owe, you must pay on time. The extension will give you six months to send in the paperwork but, if you owe, you must pay on time or else you will deserve penalties and interest on what money you owe.

Do You Need help To File The 1040 Federal Income Tax Form?

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